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Cæci Flange

Producendum nos cæci Flange quasi officina noster directe et export ex nostris customers directly.â ad vos '; et in turma recta necessitudo inter elit.

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1.Product introductionissicut BLind Flange


ISO TUV / PED, DNV, BV, VII-TUV certificated: hi sunt, ut observantiam, quam ad global Bonitas et competitive pretium appretiati customers.

We produce sicut BLind Flange and export to our customers directly.“From our factory directly to you": a direct relationship between company and customer. An authentic relationship, based on the ability to listen carefully and react promptly in order to suggest the most effective solution, meeting your needs quickly and at the same time being flexible and competent.




2.Product Specification of sicut BLind Flange


Product Name:sicut BLind Flange

Brand Name: AIGUO

Locus Origin: Zhangqiu, Jinan, Shandong, Sina

Latin: EN1092-1, ANSI, ASME, DIN, Jis, BS, UNI, AS oscilletur GOST etc.

Typus: PL BL ipfi SO, WN, Lap iuncturam, AM, ovalis, Quadratum, cnc flanges

Material: S235JR chalybe, P245GH, P250GH, P265GH, C22.8, A105 etc.

Venti Impetus: ANSI Class 150,300,600,900,1500 pondo.

Signa BS EN & & & GOST: PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100.

JIS: 5K, 10K, 16K.

Magnitudine: DN15 DN2000,

Superficiem treatment: anti-rubigo oleum, pingunt nigrum, flavo pingere, calidum-dep galvanized, frigus / electrica galvanized.

Sarcina: grabatum Aluminium, Aluminium aut sicut causa per customerâ et vices suas.


3.Product Qualification of sicut BLind Flange


Quomodo autem praestet traceability de productum est a materia rudis ad partus sunt?

Per integrum productio processus et stricte qualitas imperium, key notitia colligitur durante productio processus est a uber, postremo a unique uber Vide numero potest esse solebat Omnes key notitia cuiusque productum productio processus: Material batch, elit, operator , opus est (officinam productio linea statione opus, etc.), dispensando technology (caliditas, resistentia, voltage, torque, etc), dispensando apparatu notitia, opus et alias notitia.





4.Packing of sicut BLind Flange


Ut suppleret id non facis et flanges plywood grabatis, plywood aut in casibus per customerâ s requirements.Special packaging est etiam available, ut grabatum et lignea cases.We export flanges lignea thymiamatis multos annos et nunquam cum sarcina occurrit fatigare details of packaging; apud internum reference.Reliability sunt in nostra fortis punctum.


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